Can PGS Exploration UK Limited Legally Bypass the Terms and Conditions of Previous Contracts Governed Under English Law and Prosecute Claims in Thailand? (3 July 2019)

I believe that PGS ASA has intentionally defrauded and defamed me for blowing the whistle on them in 2013. This is based on authentic time-stamped e-mail evidence. Now, PGS ASA is harassing me and my family. PGS ASA is trying to blackmail / extort me into silence through their unfounded/fraudulent criminal defamation claims in Thailand.

Balancing Duties in Litigation (November 2018),
UK Solicitor Regulatory Authority (SRA)

Explain the 25 October 2013 Memo signed by Terje Bjolseth and Per Arild Reksnes, Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, Christin Steen-Nilsen, Lars Mysen, John Francas, Daphne Bjerke, Carl Richards, Jon Erik Reinhardsen, Gareth Jones, David Nicholson, Simon Cather, Philip Landau, Rhodri Thomas, or ANYONE ELSE!

The taking from one’s reputation. The offense of injuring a person’s character, fame, or reputation by false and malicious statements. The term seems to be comprehensive of both libel and slander
The assertion, declaration, or statement of a party to an action, made in a pleading, setting out what he expects to prove. A material allegation in a pleading is one essential to the claim or defense, and which could not be stricken from the pleading without leaving it insufficient. 
John Francas wrote his response to my 2018 GDPR subject access request in July 2018 citing the terms and conditions of the termination settlement contract signed 5 December 2013. The “Open Letter to the Petroleum Geo-Services ASA Board of Directors” referenced here was published online 18 June 2017 and did not even constitute a comment or breach in the settlement contract.
How is it that all lawyers involved in forming and negotiating the termination settlement agreement signed 5 December 2013 all uttered the same false narrative and forged documents when they had been provided with different (TRUE) facts?