Lars Mysen, Norway ‘s PGS ASA General Counsel, Perverts the Course of Justice

PGS ASA Refuse to even Acknowledge a General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) Subject Access Request (SAR). Personal Data Integrity is a Human Right that PGS ASA and Equinor Violate Daily.

Silence is Consent

Norway’s Whistleblower Protection Laws are Worthless if the Country Remains a Major Exporter of Corruption Misusing Oil Revenue to Bribe and Protect the Entitled Corporate Executive Class while Depriving the Working Class Globally and Creating an Impoverished Underclass. Corrupt Corporate Boards of Directors and Executives are allowed to not Invoke Contractual Confidentiality non-Disparagement Clauses that Protect Brand Reputation and Enhance Value. Their Silence is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Arrogance of the Self-Entitled who are allowed to Reside Above the law, Free from Justice and Exempted from Due Process. It’s a Travesty and Norwegians and all People Should Revolt against these Charlatan’s and Boycott Equinor, Telenor, and PGS ASA! Anything Connected to Criminal Cunt, Jon Erik Reinhardsen is Corrupt at its Core. Investigate Jon Erik Reinhardsen. Explain the 13 October 2013 Memo, Jon Erik Reinhardsen, you Gutless and Corrupt Mother-F**ker. Too Scared to Invoke the Confidentiality non-Disparagement Terms and Conditions of PGS ASAs Fraudulent Contracts! In a Fair Fight, Child Abusing and Elderly Terrorizing Cowards like Jon Erik Reinhardsen would be Sucking their Testicles through a Straw!

I would be ashamed to be an employee or investor of PGS ASA. In Nazi Germany, citizens feared the sadistic regime. The laws supported the unconscionable brutality toward the helpless. This is not the case with Norway or PGS ASA. There are laws and core values attached to citizenship and employment that admonish workplace bullying and harassment. What is the excuse for employees aiding and abetting Hitlerian sociopaths and criminals? How can so many be so weak? Real power is on the side of doing the right thing and helping the righteous. SDK has been astounded by what moral cowards his former co-workers and hosts were are. What depth of evil would defend these pieces of shit who knowingly withheld a medical report, bullied and harassed a foreign worker with no ties to the community? PGS ASA Board of Directors are criminals and cowards who couldn’t even fathom the hardship they cause much less live it. They all probably thought that they were so clever and entitled only to learn what complete dumb fucks they really were from a USA citizen not willing to be their punching bag. Common sense tells every cognoscente person can see that PGS ASA harbors criminals. Why would a person of honor and healthy self-esteem allow themselves to be disparaged and not to invoke the contractual Confidentiality non-disparagement clauses explicitly in place to stop such publications? Ethical leadership would never allow their employees to be disparaged if the possessed a legal instrument to stop it. There is a one-year limit on filing for defamation from the date content is first published. SDK first posted 3 July 2015.

They are all part of the evil! PGS ASA Board of Directors and management throw the law and core values out the window! PGS ASA bribed my solicitor, for God’s sake! PGS ASA broke the law! These people are such incredible cowards and criminals. And they re defended? Because of the internet, their cowardice, inhumanity, lack of true integrity and true professionalism will follow them. It is SDKs hope that some should go to prison. Followers who say nothing have made the decision to abandon ethical conduct and hurt people. They have chosen evil. But, SDK assures you, evil will lose!

Since 2016, it seemed clear that PGS ASA bribed lawyers to utter the forged documents to support a fraudulent settlement contract. SDK publications wanted to be so over the top that PGS ASA would have to invoke the terms and conditions of the contractual non-disparagement clauses. PGS ASA knows that they would have a lot of explaining to do in the English court of law and they avoid it. Once SDK started publishing images like the one below suggesting that there was a criminal conspiracy and lawyers were bribed to utter forged documents and illegally terminated a whistleblower for PGS ASA, a person claiming to be “Carl Richards”, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Secretary, finally became alarmed and wrote an e-mail to This was the e-mail provided for communicating about content on the website where content was mostly published.


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