The Disgrace of London Landau Law Employment Solicitors Fraudulent Silence

Saint Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD, United Kingdom

landau law london trustpilot fraud

Every question that marine seismic company PGS ASA and their counsel, Watson Farley & Williams refuses to answer should be answered by Tier 2 visa sponsored USA citizen SDKs legal advisors Philip Landau (Landau Law, London) and Holly Hobson (BDBF, London). But, Landau Law and BDBF are part of the Criminal Conspiracy to protect criminal abusers and defame (blacklist) and defraud victim SDK.

philip landau neeta auluk

The edifice of the criminal conspiracy and confidence fraud, of which Landau and Hobson were principal double-agents, was to assist PGS ASA in denying their USA citizen employee, SDK, his contractual and legal rights under English law. Landau and Hobson provided their client SDK with illegal advice and ignored SDK documented claims of PGS ASA illegal harassment, discrimination, as well as duty of care and health and safety law violations. SDKs submitted 20 September 2013 workplace grievance was legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing.

pgs asa pedersen bjolseth hitschke

SDK was employed by PGS ASA subsidiary PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey, England, KT13 0NY, under contract governed by the laws of England. SDK first animated on his legal and contractual right to submit a workplace grievance following an event orchestrated by the Human Resources Manager, David Nicholson, PGS Marine Contract Africa Regional President, Simon Cather, and Marine Contract Sales Manager, Edward von Abendorff, who were all employed in England and thus were all bound by the provisions and procedures defined within the PGS UK Personnel Handbook.

landau law london rhodri thomas fraud

Nicholson hosted this colloquially called “Ambush Meeting” which SDK believed was not compliant to the policies defined within the PGS UK Personnel Handbook. The Ambush Meeting is a universal tactic used by workplace bullies to expel targets so that the perpetrators – bullies – are not held accountable for their actions. The PGS UK Personnel Handbook states that such behavior will not be tolerated and perpetrators could be subject to summary dismissal from employment. PGS ASA violates their published policy and the law, so far without consequence.

pgs asa simon cather landau law

pgs asa david nicholson landau law

watson farley williams duensing kippen thailand

landau law london duensing kippen

watson farley williams landau law

pgs asa john barnard landau law

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pgs asa rune olav pedersen john barnard

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Without Prejudice Emails – Philip Landau Confidence Fraud Against Whistleblower

watson farley williams neeta aulak omreng


The London Landau Law Fraud Against the USA

The PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law Fraud Against the USA

Saint Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD

+44 20 7100 5256

Watson Farley & Williams LLP

15 Appold St, London EC2A 2HB, United Kingdom

+44 20 7814 8000

Petroleum Geo-Services

4 The Heights Brooklands Weybridge Surrey, KT13 0NY

+ 44 1932 37 6000

pgs asa gottfred langseth corruption

PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Law have Engaged in Multiple Criminal Acts Against USA Citizens under their Duty of Care to Escape Responsibility for an Unsafe and Illegal Work Environment.

pgs asa walter qvam watson farley & williams Landau Law

PGS ASA Paid Bribes to Lawyers, Human Resources Professionals, and Pertinent Employee’s who participated in the voilent workplace harassment and discrimination to escape the English Justice system and send their victim to the US with false/illegal personnel records intended to illegally professionally blacklist a whistleblower from future employment in the industry.

pgs asa gottfred langseth landau law

Unfortunately and remarkably, the geophysics profession has become debased by un-professionals who benefit from breaching their employment contracts through embracing unethical business practices which violate policy, Core Values, and the Code of Conduct in order to protect criminals presiding over unsafe and violent workplace conditions. “Professional” organizations such as the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) have also placed fees for membership and convention booths above the integrity and future of the profession and professionals, which is their fundamental purpose.

pgs asa gareth jones neeta aulak

In the UK employees must receive legal advise for termination settlement contracts to be valid. In the UK, termination settlement contracts that restrict an employee’s right to whistleblow are illegal – unenforceable. SDK paid Landau Zeffertt & Weir Solitors [principal Philip Landau, now with Landau Law] to advise on the grievance procedure which SDK had initiated with his employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY. The grievance met the standard of legally protected disclosure, or whistleblowing.

pgs asa defamation whistleblower

Landau recommended an illegal settlement contract. In other words, SDK never received LEGAL advise, but was instead targeted in a confidence fraud by Landau and associate employment solicitor, Holly Hobson (formally Rushton). SDK communications with Landau and Hobson show that they ignored the grievance documents contents and instead assisted PGS Exploration (UK) Limited defrauding and professional blacklisting through uttering defamatory forged records to support a performance based termination settlement contract.

pgs asa human resources corruption

Watson Farley & Williams had also advised PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and SDK through the Tier 2 work permit application process. This application process was successful and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited moved SDK and his USA-Thai citizen family members from Malaysia to England. The Tier 2 visa application process was successfully repeated in July 2013 when PGS Exploration (UK) Limited renewed their sponsorship of SDK and his dependent family members so all could legally remain in England as a family.

pgs asa simon cather landau may

The grievance document delivered to PGS ASA management in Norway claimed violations in the UK Health and Safety Act 1974 and the UK Equality Act 2010. The grievance documented egregious violations in the PGS ASA Code of Conduct and Core Values. The grievance document cited defamatory and unsubstantiated personnel file records that did not adhere to the documented performance management system PGS claimed to follow. SDK was being bullied and harassed in the workplace and he wanted the abuse to stop. The distressing workplace conditions were impacting the health and well-being of he and his family who were owed a duty of care.

pgs asa berit osnes joshua may

The grievance documented specifically accused three individual perpetrators: SDKs immediate supervisor, Edward von Abendorff, his superior, Simon Cather, and the Human Resources Manager, David Nicholson, of illegal practices and breaches in policy. In spite of this, Nicholson continued to be allowed to threaten and obstruct proceeding through the legal grievance process. Nicholson was allowed to proffer an illegal termination settlement contract prior to proceeding to the next step in the documented grievance procedure.

PGS ASA Landau law Watson Farley Williams

Following Nicholson’s illegal proffering of the termination settlement contract obstructing SDKs legal and contractual right to proceed through the grievance process, SDK contacted Philip Landau, whom he discovered through a published article. SDK did not accept the termination settlement contract at first offer and attended the grievance hearing chaired by Per Arild Reksnes (Cather’s superior) and Terje Bjolseth (Nicholson’s superior). SDKs co-worker and resident of England agreed to be SDKs witness during the proceeding. Landau was made aware of all of these facts.

pgs asa rune olav pedersen candida pinto

Employees of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited all had to read and sign confirmation of understanding the PGS UK Personnel Handbook which, among other things, documented the grievance procedure. However, John Barnard witnessed these procedures not being followed and participated in the confidence fraud instead, along with Landau and Hobson (Rushton). SDK is a USA citizen and PGS intentionally obstructed his right to have his legitimate grievances addressed. PGS bribed global legal firms Watson Farley & Williams and LZW Solicitors along with PGS SDK co-workers and HR personnel to cooperate in the illegal termination of a foreign worker whistleblower.

pgs asa candida pinto carl richards landau

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited employed global legal firm Watson Farley & Williams to negotiate the illegal termination settlement contract. Watson Farley & Williams Solicitor Rhodri Thomas participated in the gaslighting and confidence fraud of USA citizen, SDK whom PGS Exploration (UK) Limited sponsored on a Tier 2 visa, along with his dependent family members who were allowed to legally live in England, as well. The gaslighting forced false choices. SDK had to plan his move to the USA rather than resolve the harassment and discrimination issues brought-up within the SDK delivered grievance.

pgs asa pedersen barnard may landau

Landau and Hobson allowed PGS human resources to communicate from England to the US, in violation of Data Protection Principles about the terms of the illegal termination settlement contract before it was signed. SDK had to plan his move with his family from Weybridge to Houston to the point that it would have been financially and logistically irreversible. Further, the only thing keeping SDK in England was the PGS sponsored job. Why would anyone want to stay where they were being harassed and discriminated against? The financial liability for discrimination and harassment claims are unbounded, unlike an illegal termination settlement contract based on poor performance (supported by forged false records).

pgs asa reinhardsen barnard may landau

PGS was sponsoring US citizen SDK on a Tier 2 Special Occupation List visa at the time. PGS and Watson Farley & Williams used one set of data for the visa application process and another for the termination settlement contract, thus defrauding UK Border Agency, USA Immigration and Thai Immigration and misusing personal data/passports. The objective of the fraudsters was to limit SDKs choices and force him to accept an option that would not allow him legal due process within the English system of justice. Two days before signing the illegal instrument Landau “advised” on, SDK considered rejecting the settlement agreement and moving forward to tribunal. However, PGS has never issued a legally required response to the grievance. Yet, such a forged response exists with SDKs PGS personnel file?

pgs asa landau law holly hobson bdbf stress

The confidence fraud was the epitome of discrimination where PGS did not consider USA citizenship legally on the one hand, but could have never succeeded in their fraud without their victim being a foreignor who would be forced to leave the England and then be unable to get justice. PGS bribed lawyers to obstruct legal due process.

pgs asa pedersen whistleblowing

PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau-Hobson ignored health and safety laws and all contributed to endangering the well-being of SDK and his family. The fraudsters ignored the many claims of unsafe and unhealthy work conditions made within the grievance document. The PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau-Hobson fraud also withheld from consideration an occupational health nurse report which substantiated the claims made within the grievance. Breaching health and safety regulations is also a criminal offence. Companies have a common law duty to ensure the working environment is safe for employees. Employers who do not provide such a work environment can face consequences, including fines or prison sentences.

pgs asa dangerous

pgs asa fraud

pgs asa landau law watson farley williams fraud

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Investor’s in Norway’s PGS ASA, Equinor and Telenor Must Demand Answers about the Legality of their Contracts

Corporate Norway is a Pack of Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. postings can only exists because criminals are obstructing justice and defrauding the public – including investors, customers, and employees – through their silence!


pgs asa Bård Stenberg qvam corruption




pgs asa walter qvam fraud

pgs asa walter qvam corruption

equinor jon erik reinhardsen landau

pgs asa simon cather

pgs asa candida pinto landau

holly hobson pgs equinor

pgs asa candida pinto walter qvam

pgs walter qvam telenor

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Norway’s United States of America Laws Denial

Corporate Norway is a Pack of Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. postings can only exists because criminals are obstructing justice and defrauding the public – including investors, customers, and employees – through their silence!


pgs asa Bård Stenberg qvam corruption




pgs asa walter qvam fraud

pgs asa walter qvam corruption

equinor jon erik reinhardsen landau

pgs asa simon cather

pgs asa candida pinto landau

holly hobson pgs equinor

pgs asa candida pinto walter qvam

pgs walter qvam telenor

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You Cannot Trust Trustpilot London Landau Law Reviews

London Landau Law Confidence Fraud

London Landau Law BDBF

Philip Landau, current Director of London Landau Law, advised USA citizen whistleblower Steven Kalavity (SDK) on a termination settlement contract.

Landau Law – London, Employment Law

The Philip Landau (and Holly Hobson, now with London BDBF) advised on termination settlement contract contained Confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibited parties from publishing content that disparaged the other.

pgs asa rob adams

The Landau – Rushton (Hobson) advised on termination settlement contract has never been used by SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0NY because the Landau – Rushton (Hobson) advised on termination settlement contract is illegal!

pgs asa walter qvam corruption

The UK Limitation Act 1980 allows 1-year from date of publication for disparaged parties to file a defamation claim. In other words, SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, has never legally denied published accusations of criminal behavior, which was the purpose of the termination settlement contract, because the contract is illegal.

watson farley williams neeta aulak

Criminal conspirators Landau – Hobson, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, and Watson Farley & Williams, have never relied on the contract that they formed. Instead, they have relied on lying to platforms such as Trustpilot, LinkedIn, and Twitter to continue their defamation and false information campaign against victim of crimes and whistleblower SDK.

watson farley williams ben kelly

To avoid the English legal system which governed both the original contract of employment and termination settlement contract between SDK and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, the criminal conspirators engaged Thailand legal firm Duensing – Kippen to blackmail/extort SDK into de-publishing legally protected public disclosure exposing their criminal conspiracy.

holly hobson london BDBF

The website NOPGS.COM owned by SDK which published legal protected disclosure was stolen and content / evidence of criminal conspiracy destroyed through the illegal litigation in Thailand. SDK is a USA citizen. PGS ASA has never pursued litigation in the USA because their criminal conspiracy and fraud would be easy to detect.

pgs asa candida pinto

Landau – Hobson never provided client SDK with legal advice. Landau – Hobson were principals in the confidence fraud. SDK has had to fight not only PGS ASA, but the UK employment law racket which is financed through corporate graft and corruption.

David Nicholson former PGS HR Accused Criminal UK

SDK contacted Philip Landau following PGS Exploration (UK) Limited proffering a termination settlement contract in lieu of proceeding through the legal and contractual grievance process.

landau law london cgg

Landau – Hobson, Watson Farley & Williams proceeded to cooperate from 10 October – 5 December to “negotiate” an illegal termination settlement contract. This gaslighting confidence fraud was carried out on SDK, a USA citizen and UK Tier 2 visa holder while SDK was a guest in England along with his three PGS Exploration (UK) Limited sponsored dependent family members holding both USA and Thailand passports.

Watson Farley & Williams advised SDK and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited throughout the Tier 2 application process. SDKs Tier 2 status was referenced within the grievance document to show discrimination practices based on nationality.

Duensing Kippen John Francas PGS

Landau – Hobson participated along with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and Watson Farley & Williams in not only defrauding SDK and his dependent family members, but also the immigration/passport agencies of the UK, USA, and Thailand.

PGS ASA HR Gareth Jones Blacklist

Landau – Hobson along with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and Watson Farley & Williams created forged and defamatory personnel file records to support the illegal termination settlement contract. These forged and defamatory records were then shared with PGS ASAs USA subsidiary in Houston, Texas to illegally professionally blacklist whistleblower SDK, thus commiting also US Federal wire and mail fraud.

PGS ASA Gareth Jones Houston

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Weybridge, England and Petroleum Geo-Services Incorporated, Houston, Texas, USA, directors (at the time of termination) were Jon Erik Reinhardsen, Gottfred Langseth, and Christin Steen-Nilsen. Current PGS ASA CEO & President Rune Olav Pedersen was the Company General Counsel and Legal Compliance during these multiple criminal activities illegally paid for by PGS ASA shareholders and investors.

landau law london trustpilot corruption

To further defraud investors, customers, and employees, PGS ASA joined the United Nations Global Compact. Most every principle of the United Nations Global Compact had been violated when PGS ASA joined, three-weeks after SDK was coerced into signing the fraudulent termination settlement contract that Landau – Hobson advised on.

pgs asa board of directors

london Landau Law Equinor

landau law london joshua may

pgs asa berit osnes corrupt

landau law london pgs david nicholson


PGS ASA Polluting the Marine Seismic Industry

pgs asa SEG

pgs asa andrew long

landau law london cgg

landau law london tgs

philip landau law london cambois

watson farley williams rhodri thomas cgg

duensing kippen cgg


Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA Starts Sarawak MC3D Survey

Q4 2021

The Ramform Sovereign (PGS) commenced acquisition of a MultiClient 3D survey in the Sarawak Basin, Malaysia on behalf of the seismic consortium comprising Corrupt and Dangerous PGS, TGS and WesternGeco.

pgs asa joshua may

The prefunded MC3D survey over ca 8500 sq. km targets the West Luconia province of Sarawak. This area consists of Tertiary clastic and carbonate targets similar to Sabah, being part of the greater northwest Borneo Sundaland geological province.

holly hobson london BDBF

Corrupt and Dangerous PGS seismic vessel Ramform Sovereignis towing a wide-tow source, a configuration of 14 streamers each 8025m long and with a streamer separation of 93.75m, tailored to the targets and water depths in the area.

watson farley williams neeta aulak

The acreage covered in this survey is included in the Malaysia Bid Round 2021 along with other open blocks. Fast-track results will be delivered for early block evaluation.

pgs asa Bård Stenberg

This is the first phase of a multi-year contract awarded by Petronas in 2020 to the Sabah-Sarawak seismic consortium, through competitive bidding to acquire and process up to 105 000 sq. km of MultiClient 3D data over a 5-year period in the Sarawak Basin.

pgs asa tgs


Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA, CGG and TGS Announce Versal

SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists Corruption

pgs asa health and safety

watson farley williams rhodri thomas

pgs asa hr

pgs asa tgs cgg

pgs asa tgs

pgs asa compliance

Any business association with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is de facto corrupt. Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is destroying a once honorable upstream industry and its professionals.

pgs asa qvam

pgs asa francas

pgs asa langseth

landau law london pgs

pgs asa pida

Versal is an independent, secure, cloud-based, multi-client seismic data ecosystem where clients can easily access all their data and entitlements in one place. As a result, E&P teams can now capitalize on their interpretation and analysis workflows for their subsurface projects by leveraging a seamless licensed data experience that takes minutes rather than days, enabling maximum efficiency and opportunity generation.

tgs cgg pida

watson farley williams pgs asa

[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen, President and CEO of PGS said: “We believe that energy companies’ workflows will be transformed with Versal, enabling them to achieve their goals through rapid access to secure cloud-based multi-client seismic data and entitlements. Versal has created an environment that will benefit both the consumers of seismic data and the data providers over the longer term. We are proud and excited by the launch of this successful industry-wide digitalization initiative.”

pgs asa board of directors

[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen has never been held accountable for defending his own value and reputation, or that of the professionals who work under him. The Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA Board of Directors and senior executives do not abide by the laws, policy, Code of Conduct and Core Values that Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA publish for investors, customers, employees and business partners.

duensing kippen cgg thailand

duensing kippen pgs

This publication is only possible because Criminal Piece of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen is allowed to ignore contractual terms and conditions that prohibit the publication of content that disparages PGS ASA or its stakeholders. Why does lawyer and Criminal Peice of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen ignore terms and conditions intended to protect Company value and reputation?

landau law london cgg

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired] said: “Versal is unique in streamlining industry access to more than 70% of the seismic multi-client market through a vendor-neutral, cloud-based common ecosystem. We are pleased to work together with TGS and PGS to bring this needed service to the market and offer client teams an easier and more efficient way to access the data they need to identify new opportunities and optimize field performance.”

watson farley williams ben kelly

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired], said: “This landmark collaboration with CGG and PGS provides a foundation for our clients to universally view, access and build innovative subsurface workflows at the click of a button. Versal’s ability to improve decision-making with less uncertainty, underpins its initiative to provide the best customer service to our clients and future clients. I look forward to Versal’s evolution to increase data richness for users.”

watson farley williams cgg

Whistleblower SDK has evidence that CGG and TGS have aided and abetted PGS ASA fraudsters and participated in the illegal professional blacklisting of whistleblowers who expose seismic industry corruption.

pgs asa data protection

pgs asa andrew long SEG

pgs asa berit osnes



Norway’s Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA and Mitsui Announce Collaboration

Corrupt and Dangerous are PGS ASA Real Core Values!

PGS ASA: Global Leader in Destroying Industry and Professional Credibility One Corrupt and Dangerous Collaboration at a Time!

PGS ASA Now Corrupting AI Solutions for Subsurface Structure Analysis

[Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Mitsui) to jointly develop and commercialize Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions to image subsurface structures.

Analysis of subsurface images is required across the energy sector including oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, as well as areas in the renewable energy sectors such as geothermal energy and offshore wind power.

Under this agreement, [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS will contribute seismic data from the Company’s global MultiClient data library along with technical expertise, whilst Mit-PFN Energy Co., Ltd. (“MPE”, a joint venture between Mitsui and Preferred Networks Inc.) will lead the AI algorithmic development to be constructed within a modern, scalable compute infrastructure. The collaboration aims to significantly reduce turnaround time needed to generate images of subsurface structures whilst improving accuracy. It is the intention to apply the developed technology into clean energy businesses, contributing to the global effort to reduce carbon emission.

Mr. Artem Lytkin, Vice President, New Energy Business Development of [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS, says:

“[Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS New Energy aims to accelerate the energy transition by helping energy companies to effectively deal with subsurface risks as they execute on their energy transition goals. [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS has a long tradition of serving the industry as a top-tier provider of high-quality geophysical measurements and interpretation services [corruption and money laundering]. We are pleased to announce our [corrupt] collaboration with Mitsui, a leading provider of digital solutions. Together we seek to develop and deploy artificial intelligence methods to further strengthen our data processing and interpretation workflows.”

Mr. Toru Matsui, Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Business Unit I of Mitsui says:

“We look forward to working together with [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS to grow its business by combining our respective areas of expertise and leveraging synergies with Mitsui’s diverse business portfolio. This collaboration is aligned with one of Mitsui’s important goals to transform and grow its business model by engaging with DX projects to meet the rapidly changing needs of the times and contribute to the development of sustainable society through its main business activities.”


Magseis Fairfield Teams Up with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA

pgs asa corruption magseis fairfield

Carel Hooijkaas, CEO of Magseis Fairfield, why would you do business with a company whose Board of Directors and Executives do not have an issue with publicly being called “criminal peices of shit” within numerous online publications?

landau law london pgs asa

Hasn’t Hooijkaas heard of due diligence?

watson farley & williams pgs asa

The upstream oil and gas industry is being corrupted through stolen money and lies to investors and customers led by Norway’s PGS ASA. Industry leaders have abandoned their commitments to shareholders and continue the deception which damages the industry and its stakeholders.

watson farley & williams landau law

Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. The Norwegian government completely supports these crimes and the defrauding of investors. It’s a disgrace. These criminals have been given a free pass to defraud, defame and abuse a USA citizen’s children.

pgs asa rhodri thomas

Rune Olav Pedersen has never denied nor taken responsible and appropriate legal action to stop publications which impact PGS ASA value and reputation. Rune Olav Pedersen weaponizes global laws to damage US victims of crimes and a whistleblower.

jon erik reinhardsen corruption pgs

PGS ASA has misused US and Thai passports and cancelled visas so that their victim of crimes and whistleblower could not use legal due process. PGS ASA has shared defamatory forged documents globally to damage a US citizen victim of crimes and whistleblower. These all are violations of global human rights, US Federal wire and mail fraud and Thailand crimes.

carl richards duensing kippen

Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes against a US citizen and his family. The Norwegian government seems to completely support these crimes and the defrauding of investors as well. It’s a disgrace. Texas must investigate the Norwegian corporate racketeering that robs global citizens.

pgs asa rob adams landau law

Lawyers who formed the termination settlement contract between US citizen SDK and PGS ASA have never used nor defended this instrument to stop publications which disparage PGS ASA or any of its stakeholders. This includes the lawyers who were paid to “advise” US citizen SDK on matters of English contract and employment law, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson.

pgs asa candida pinto

SDK believes that Landau and Hobson accepted bribes to participate in a confidence fraud to illegally terminate and professionally blacklist their “client”. The contract is legally worthless and never used.

pgs gareth jones landau law
kristin omreng landau law
holly hobson duensing kippen
john francas duensing kippen
joshua may london landau law
pgs asa tina bru
watson farley williams neeta aulak


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