Let’s Send PGS ASA Joshua May to Prison

Joshua May participated in the confidence fraud and other criminal acts with the intention to harm his co-worker and USA citizen SDK and his family. Joshua May was rewarded for assisting in these acts. Any parent who was a target of such crimes and abuse would agree that the perpetrator belongs in prison. Joshua May must also know that he belongs in prison.

Edward von Abendorff was the first-line supervisor for the PGS ASA Contract Sales – Africa group which was comprised of John Barnard, Joshua May, and SDK. Every employee of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited signed a copy of the PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook which outlined policy on bullying, harassment, and discrimination. The PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook also documented grievance and disciplinary procedures. All formed part of the contract of employment along with a pledge to uphold PGS Core Values and Code of Conduct.

From 18 June 2013 through 20 September 2013, PGS actively breached SDKs employment contract and obstructed his legal and contractual right to submit a workplace grievance. On 20 September 2013, SDK presented his grievance to PGS management. Co-worker John Barnard agreed to be SDKs witness throughout the grievance process and was provided a copy of the workplace grievance.

The grievance was legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing. Barnard was made aware that PGS had illegally proffered a termination settlement contract to stop the legal grievance process. SDK engaged London employment law solicitor Philip Landau to advise through the grievance process. Landau recommended that SDK not following the described grievance procedures and instead pursue an “enhanced” termination settlement contract. Under the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, such a settlement contract is illegal.

SDK needed to escape the toxic work environment and agreed to Landau’s recommendations. For the next few weeks, Landau “negotiated” the illegal termination settlement agreement terms and conditions. During this period, Joshua May was made aware that SDK had submitted a workplace grievance. Both John Barnard and Joshua May became complicit conspirators in the confidence fraud which financially robbed SDK, professionally defamed SDK, and most importantly placed the health of SDK and his family at risk.

John Barnard and Joshua May both were bribed to participate along with bribed solicitors/advisors to SDK, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (previously Rushton). Landau led the confidence fraud game that defrauded his client and target/victim of discrimination and harassment. The cabal also defrauded data protection agencies as well as immigration agencies in the UK, USA, and Thailand.

PGS, Landau Law, and Watson Farley & Williams confidence fraud was discovered when SDK submitted a subject access request citing the UK Data Protection Act. SDK received the contents of his PGS professional personnel file and discovered that it was comprised of defamatory forgeries. A legally protected public disclosure was published 20 September 2015 showing the inaccurate and defamatory documents.

PGS, Landau Law and Watson Farley & Williams have continued to defraud and harass SDK through no explaining the many problems with the personnel file documents. All know they have participated in crimes against SDK.

Joshua May has never once proclaimed his innocence from accusations but relied on the criminal conspiracy of silence to protect him. Joshua May is a pathetic coward with no integrity who hurts people for no reason. Let’s put Joshua May where criminals like him belong!


Trustpilot Review: Landau Law Uncensored

Trustpilot does not understand whistleblowing laws and flags/removes legally protected public disclosure which makes their reviews less trustworthy and protects corruption.

Trustpilot (26 September 2021): Landau Law flagged this because they believe it contains harmful or illegal content. Trustpilot is assessing the review in accordance with our flagging process, during which time the review will remain hidden.

Philip Landau is an accused criminal…

Philip Landau – Landau Law has defamed former client, Steven Kalavity (SDK)

Landau Law is lying and perverting the course of justice, which is a serious crime in of itself. Philip Landau was the principal employment lawyer who advised SDK on resolving a workplace grievance through a termination settlement agreement which contained confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibit the publication of “harmful and illegal” content and provides avenues for legal redress. The fact that Landau does not rely on his own contract should be known by the Truthpilot community.

Landau and his assistant at the time, Holly Rushton (now Holly Hobson practicing with BDBF), were principals in the confidence fraud of their client, SDK. Landau and Hobson provided illegal advice. A settlement contract should have never been considered since the grievance qualified as protected public disclosure or whistleblowing. Landau and Rushton also assisted in uttering forged documents – also crimes – to support the illegal termination settlement contract they advised on. This is why Landau Law complains to Trustpilot and does not rely on principal Landau’s advised on contract. The fraud would be easy to detect in a court of law.




SDK published accusations of Philip Landau and Holly Hobson crimes in 2016. SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and their advising counsel on the termination settlement contract, Watson Farley & Williams have never relied on the Landau-Hobson advised on contract’s terms and conditions to stop publications which began July 2015 on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. As co-conspirators in the fraud, Watson Farley & Williams also understand that the contract that they formed with SDK is illegal. Like the lies to Trustpilot, the conspirators lied to LinkedIn and got content depublished and SDK restricted from LinkedIn. PGS, Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Law continue to misrepresent (fraud) the legality of their SDK termination settlement contract.

Landau and Hobson


Stop Norway’s PGS ASA Lying and Cheating








PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law / LZW Law agents are allowed by upper management to remain silent and not address accusations of criminal and non-compliant behaviors? This is disgusting and obviously irresponsible.

Behind every PGS ASA perceived “legitimate” business endeavor or technology development is the fact that PGS ASA Directors and Management are corrupt pathological liars who intentionally deceive all stakeholders about company value and especially comittments to anti-corruption and health and safety.

The major stakeholders of PGS ASA, including customers, investors, and employees look the other way from the corruption. These top stakeholders benefit from the graft and greed that robs the average stakeholders. This is the very definition of corruption.


Corrupt and Dangerous PGS has 3D Data in Angola

Corrupt and Dangerous PGS 2021 Offshore Licensing Round Data Covers Kwanza Shelf and Lower Congo Basin

Corrupt and Dangerous PGS data library coverage:

  • Blocks 7/21 and 8/21 on Kwanza Shelf from 3D dual sensor
  • Block 16/21 in the Lower Congo Basin from 3D dual sensor
  • Block 34/21 Lower Congo Basin covered by conventional 3D data
  • MegaSurvey | Regional coverage of 45 000 sq. km with information on thickness trends, structural setting, depositional environments, and play fairways (includes blocks 31/21, 32/21, 33/21)


Corrupt and Dangerous PGS Completes 2021 Canada Acquisition


Guillaume Cambois and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

If the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) does not enforce a standard of conduct congruent to its published Code of Ethics, then the SEG simply becomes a club of the corrupt formed by lies and stolen money for their own self aggrandisement.

Guillaume Cambois was part of the Petroleum Geo-Services Executive Management Team and participated in the harassment, defrauding, discrimination, defamation, and blacklisting of an Active Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). These same claims were documented within the workplace grievance submitted to PGS September 20, 2013 which have been suppressed.

Guillaume Cambois remained silent as the upstream oil and gas professional community was lied to and deceived repeatedly. Cambois participated in corrupt PGS business practices which included defrauding the LinkedIn professional community, as well as government data protection and immigration agencies. Cambois also participated in the conspiracy breaking US Federal wire and mail fraud laws. SDK has evidence and this is why PGS uses social media censorship and search engine manipulation instead of the court system.

PGS has bribed its own personnel (this includes Cambois himself) through promotion and other gratuity to remain silent and allow this fraud and harassment of a whistleblower to continue.

PGS has also bribed legal firms Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Law / LZW Law to participate in the confidence fraud through forming illegal non-disclosure agreements to protect corrupt Board of Directors and Management and keep these claims out of the UK courts which governed SDK – PGS contracts.

The entire point of Non-disclosure agreements or contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions is to protect the value and reputation of a Company through prohibiting the publication by former employee’s of content that is disparaging. However, such prohibitions are not allowed for legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing.

It is obvious to anyone aware that there is a problem with the four (4) agreements between PGS-SDK. PGS breached the initial agreement and then illegally proffered a termination settlement contract to silence a victim of crimes and whistleblower. These first two (2) agreements are governed by the laws of England. PGS then blackmailed / extorted SDK using threats of criminal prosecution under Thai law where they possessed no legal jurisdiction. PGS misrepresented their legal authority to SDK multiple times.

Following PGS – SDK signing a termination settlement contract 5 December 2013, SDK returned to his US address in Houston, Texas. The termination settlement contract was signed following assurances that PGS would only process true and accurate personal data.

SDK began a job search upon his return to Houston. SDK also attended several Houston Geophysical Society events. During this time and different interviews, SDK sensed something was not right. However, SDK did not take action immediately because as a condition of the agreement, PGS would reimburse for household moving expenses from England to the US. The final reimbursements were paid in June 2014.

The termination settlement contract was not fully executed until all payments due were paid to SDK. In October 2014, SDK made a subject access request for all personal data that PGS processed for SDK. This included the PGS professional personnel file. Late 2014, SDK learned that PGS was processing false and defamatory personal data.

December 22, 2014, PGS threatened legal action against SDK if he did not cease making queries to PGS and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office who oversee Data Protection Act compliance.

On July 3, 2015, SDK published his first legally protected public disclosure on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. On August 24, 2016, SDK filed his first report to UK ActionFraud (police).

PGS Compliance Hotline, which included then PGS General Counsel Rune Olav Pedersen, would not respond to numerous queries. SDK began to publish comments on the PGS LinkedIn comment space. PGS would delete these comments and not process legally protected public disclosure according to policy and law.

PGS never took action on a breach of the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions because the termination settlement contract was fraudulent / unenforceable. SDK was restricted by LinkedIn because PGS continued to breach their fiduciary duty and not take action on the contract.

Cambois was part of the PGS Executive Management Team through all of this defrauding of the upstream oil and gas industry. Cambois’ silence contributed to the violent abuse of SDK and his family members.

Cambois lacks the character and integrity to be a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, much less be on the SEG Board of Directors. If this publication is disparaging to Cambois or the SEG, then he is contractually obligated to take legal action.

The reason that Cambois does not is because such action would implicate him in a criminal conspiracy. But, that’s SDKs belief/opinion. (SDK has published the same claims since 2015.) Cambois needs to state his side of the story to all SEG members, as SDK has.


The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Laundromat

Not Enforcing the SEG Code of Ethics Encourages Corruption and Demeans the Profession by Allowing “Dirty” Business Practices to be Regarded as Ethical and “Clean” when SEG Dues are Paid through Graft and Greed.

The reputation and value of the SEG is diminished when there is no definitive action against Code of Ethics violators. If Confidentiality terms and conditions cannot protect PGS ASA reputation and value because they are embedded within fraudulent contracts, then they cannot protect the reputation and value of the SEG to its members.

Everything connected to the hierarchy of PGS ASA Board of Directors and Management is tainted with these corrupt business practices which go against published Core Values, the UN Global Compact, and of course the SEG Code of Ethics.

Not demanding that PGS ASA Board and Management end their silence and address allegations of corrupt business practices and criminal acts will damage the SEG its professionals.

Demanding that PGS ASA comply with the contracts that they proffer and endorse is not unreasonable and should not require ActionFraud (police) to awaken from their slumber.

Ben Kelly London DTN Counsel Accused Criminal


Polarcus Investors Should Sue PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law for Fraud

PGS ASA has been actively and intentionally deceiving and defrauding the marine seismic industry and manipulating how customer decisions are made. Competitors and investors who accrued damages because of these many pathological lies need to be compensated along with the crime victim and whistleblower who exposed such dangerous and corrupt behaviors that disparage the industry as well as its true professionals.

5 Characteristics of the Narcissist’s Lies

Current Equinor Chairman of the Board of Directors and former Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) President and CEO, Jon Erik Reinhardsen, has participated in defrauding the upstream oil and gas industry for several years through his silence and preserving a false narrative regarding company performance.

As Director of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Reinhardsen and his fellow Directors, Gottfred Langseth (current PGS ASA EVP and CFO) and Christin Steen-Nilsen (current PGS ASA Chief Accountant), along with Company Secretaries and trained lawyers, Candida Pinto and Carl Richards, allowed the theft and misuse of Company resources to be used to forward criminal actions. This included international payments for the illegal termination settlement contract used to silence and professionally blacklist a foreign worker crime victim and whistleblower and more importantly exclude SDK from his right to legal due process under the English legal system.

PGS bribed SDK advising counsel, Philip Landau and Holly Rushton-Hobson, to process forged defamatory personnel file documents supporting a false narrative used to blacklist the victim from employment in the industry.  Forging personal data is not only a crime, but it is also a human rights violation according to the Data Protection Act.  PGS also bribed their own consulting law firm, Watson Farley & Williams, to participate in the confidence fraud conspiracy.  The conspirators breached the Equality Act 2010 through ignoring their victims Tier 2 visa status and qualifications defrauding UK, US, and Thailand immigration laws.  PGS illegally processed the passports of the victim and sponsored family members to force a premature exit from England. This fraudulent passport processing violated laws of the UK, US and Kingdom of Thailand. 

PGS violated provisions of the UK Health and Safety Act 1974 as well as withheld a third-party Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) report that had explicitly requested be delivered to SDK placing his health and that of his Company sponsored dependent family members in danger.  SDK was still employed with PGS 23 December 2013 when PGS committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact.  PGS withheld the OHN report that recommended SDK visit his doctor 29 December 2013. SDK and his family departed the UK 24 December 2013 having been placed on garden leave through 31 December 2013 without being provided the report recommended visit.

The illegal termination settlement contract had an initial payout.  However, moving expenses would be reimbursed to SDK in the US.  All of this transfer of money and false personal data to support a fraud is a breach of not only UK laws, but also of several US Federal laws. Reinhardsen, Langseth, and Steen-Nilsen also serve as Directors for the PGS US affiliate in Houston, Texas, USA, Petroleum Geo-Services, Inc. when these US Federal crimes were committed against a US citizen and foreign worker.  

PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and LZW Law/Landau Law has never had to address these accusations published online since 3 July 2015.  The UK Limitation Act 1980 allows one-year from date of publication to file claims of defamation. PGS has not executed the contract Confidentiality terms and conditions included to protect the reputation and value of PGS which prohibit publication of disparaging content.  Instead, PGS has ignored the protected public disclosure and relied on social media censorship and Google search engine manipulation to avoid addressing accusations of PGS board of directors and executive crimes. This has allowed the deception of the industry to continue.   

PGS Silence is Fraud and Obstruction of Justice against the Industry, not just the principal crime victim and whistleblower.  Not executing the Confidentiality terms and conditions is an implicit admission of guilt for several international crimes.


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