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Mobbing: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Mobbing: At the Mercy of the Mob

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Rhodri Thomas is an accused criminal who accepted bribes as a Senior Solicitor with Watson Farley & Williams to illegally terminate a foreign worker whistleblower.  Thomas uttered forged and defamatory personnel records to support an illegal settlement contract. 

The contract that Rhodri Thomas formed between PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and SDK 5 December 2013 while working with Watson Farley & Williams contains Confidentiality clauses which prohibit the publication of content that is disparaging to parties of the contract. Thomas has never acted on these clauses and has allowed his own as well as other stakeholders to be disparaged.

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SDK has evidence that this 5 December 2013 contract is fraudulent and supported by forged defamatory documents which were uttered while SDK had engaged solicitor Philip Landau with LZW Solicitors in a conspiracy to defraud and defame his USA citizen sponsored Tier 2 foreign worker client. Not employing the Confidentiality terms perverts the course of justice.

Dentons is participating in the violent harassment and fraud against a USA-Thai family and the upstream oil and gas industry through their employment of accused criminal Rhodri Thomas.

Dentons has abrogated their responsibility to clients and stakeholders to conduct responsible due diligence. Dentons is allowing their own reputation and that of partner Rhodri Thomas to be disparaged by taking no action. Such behavior is both repugnant and illegal. They should demand that Thomas and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited exercise the Confidentiality clauses.

Dentons is protecting accused criminal Rhodri Thomas.  Dentons did not complete reasonable due diligence and is aiding and abetting international fraud.  The corrupt UK employment law racket does not want this case to be heard in the English courts because the fraud is easy to detect.  Dentons perverts the course justice.

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