EnerGeo Alliance Appoints Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen (PGS) to Board

PGS ASA CEO & President Rune Olav Pedersen has never denied that he is a criminal peice of shit.

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EnerGeo has degraded members and the industry by aligning themselves with lying, bribing, money-laundering crooks like Rune Olav Pedersen.

If lawyer Rune Olav Pedersen is not a lying criminal peice of shit as published without dispute within several online articles and images then why is their silence and no action taken?

In fact, PGS ASA agents and stakeholders (such as EnerGeo) can invoke contractual Confidentiality terms that prohibit former employees from publishing disparaging content and sue for damages. However, these same contractual Confidentiality terms protect whistleblowing – or the truthful allegations of criminal behavior.

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PINTEREST – Q1 2023 Norway Equinor OKEA Telenor PGS Langseth





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