USA POTUS Trump Responds While Norway’s Corporate Corrupt Ignore

Norway’s Irresponsible Equinor, Telenor & PGS ASA Top Corruption List

Norway’s Corruption Problem Denies USA Citizen Whistleblower Due Process and Protects Criminals

The responses received from the Donald Trump White House are not completely generic. Read the two responses and you can see that they are different. The White House had no reason to answer. The Prime Minister of Norway does. After all, it is the people of Norway who are mostly being robbed by the corrupt management of majority state-owned corporations Equinor and Telenor. The common denominator is non-state owned corrupt PGS ASA. The population of Norway is only 5.433 million compared to the population of the USA which is 328.2 million.

No response has ever been received by those whom are publicly disparaged and accused of crimes. All of those named within publications are supposed to be protected by contractual Confidentiality clauses which prohibit such online published disparagement. Of course, the cover-up has persisted because their contract is fraudulent. It is they who have abused their power through remaining silent and not protecting company value and reputation.

– SDK, USA Citizen and Victim of Illegal Norwegian Corporation Whistleblower Retaliation

Fraudulent Contracts Confidentiality Clauses Cannot Protect Norwegian Company Reputation and Value

Second Letter to USA President Trump White House

I wrote a letter from this portal to President Donald Trump.  I am grateful for the response that I received.  When people cry out for justice, receiving a simple acknowledgement is sustaining. For the past several years, I have been ignored.  Exposing corruption and injustice is often what we are told to do as good citizens.  What is not told is how brutal retaliation can be toward whistleblowers and their families.  When doing the right thing and playing by the rules is more dangerous than robbing the public that you are supposed to serve, there is a problem.

I have been the victim of workplace mobbing.  It has been stated that the workplace mobbing is like workplace bullying on steroids.  Workplace mobbing is often used as a tactic to oust victims of harassment.  The only difference between harassment and bullying is whether or not you are in a protected class.

Because I was a USA citizen working in a foreign country, I considered that I was not just bullied, but harassed and discriminated against.  But, it was worse than that.  I was denied my legal due process to challenge and stop the abusers.  Instead, corporate boards of directors denied a USA citizen his human rights and created false defamatory employment records to blacklist him.

In the process, Norwegian company PGS ASA has been able to continue lying to and robbing investors.  I cannot accept a world for my children where evil corruption prevails over honest hard work.

I have written multiple letters.  I have written reports to board of directors of Norwegian companies Equinor, Telenor, and PGS ASA and never received a response.  Apparently, robbing stakeholders is more time consuming than leading the free world.

As a US citizen working in a foreign country, I became a whistleblower.  Not by choice, really.  I was duped into believing leadership wanted to do the right thing.  I have since written to the Norway police, the UK police, and even the FBI.  Nobody answers and nobody investigates.

I have written to the Prime Minister of Norway.  I have written to so many people, the White House actually provided a bit more than a simple acknowledgement.

Norwegian state owned (67%) oil company, Equinor this year “lost” lots of money in overseas operations.  Much of this was in the USA.  Here’s the thing, I KNOW that the Chairman of the Board for Equinor is a criminal.  Jon Erik Reinhardsen has been in my cross-hairs for years.  I have published multiple online articles where he is the topic.  Reinhardsen has never invoked contractual Confidentiality clauses prohibiting disparagement because his contract with me was fraudulent and supported by defamatory forged documents.

I want the FBI to compel Reinhardsen to publicly explain the 25 October 2013 Memo about ME.  And then I want him put into handcuffs.  But, only if it coincides with the laws he has broken in order to harm a USA citizen whistleblower and his family.

Thank President Trump.  Being bound by the lies of corrupted power is like being a hostage.  Please free me and my family from the unlawful retaliation.


Steven D. Kalavity