Norway’s PGS ASA CEO Rune Olav Pedersen Business by Bribery, Fraud and Extortion


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Kristin Omreng SVP Global HR at PGS

Corrupt Organizations Measure Success by how Successful Illicit Business Practices are Covered-up!

Equinor Telenor PGS ASA Jon Erik Reinhardsen accused criminal

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Rune Olav Pedersen President & CEO at PGS

Rune Olav Pedersen is a trained lawyer but he refuses to defend his reputation, PGS ASA reputation or any of PGS ASA employees, customers, business partners or even professional organizations that PGS stakeholders hold membership.

PGS A clearer image

Silke Hitschke pgs asa telenor accused criminal

Silke Hitschke Chief Compliance Officer at Telenor ASA

Nathan Oliver EVP Sales & Services at PGS

Berit Osnes Executive Vice President New Energy at PGS

Rob Adams COO & Executive Vice President at PGS

Walter Qvam Board Chair in PGS ASA

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Gareth Jones HR Manager at PGS

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