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I have done everything within my capacity to breach a termination settlement contract and force the discussions into an English court of law.

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On 6 September 2015, SDK published Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) CEO Jon Erik Reinhardsen Should Resign on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. The article was well read, but PGS took no action to enforce the Confidentiality terms of the signed 5 December 2013 termination contract between USA citizen and Tier 2 visa sponsored SDK and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey, England. SDK received no notice or warning from the solicitor that he was compelled to hire following the submission of a workplace grievance. PGS illegally obstructed SDKs legal and contractual right under English law to address grievances which included harassment, discrimination, fraud, defamation and several other toxic workplace behaviors that made the environment inhospitable to safely work.

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There is no reasonable reason to believe that the 5 December 2013 settlement contract is a legitimate legal instrument. It has never been enforced in spite of multiple intentional “breaches” by SDK. This means that there is a coalition of corrupt lawyers and human resources personnel (English and Norwegian) who have cooperated to keep a valid claim out of the English court room. They do not serve justice, but accept bribes to aid and abet corrupt corporations and their agents. These members of The Law Society are criminals. They are a disgrace to any and all professions or professional organizations. The Law Society does nothing to those who violate the published Code of Ethics. This means that “The Law Society” is no such thing. The Law Society has been corrupted to protect the very thing that they are sworn to eliminate through the fair execution of law.

As a USA citizen sponsored by Norwegian Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) to live and work with their English subsidiary PGS Exploration (UK) Limited (PGSUK) with a Tier 2 visa, SDK was a target of workplace harassment and discrimination. PGSUK obstructed my legal and contractual right to launch a complaint / grievance. PGS offered a termination settlement contract to escape having to follow legal procedures. SDK contacted Philip Simon Landau after my sponsor / employer PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Human Resources Manager David Nicholson illegally proffered a termination settlement contract to avoid proceeding legally through the grievance process through required written conclusion by management.

The fact that me and my family were not English citizens allowed PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and my counsel LZW Solicitors / Landau Law to manipulate the legal process to expel their victim of crimes – including my wife and two minor children – under their legal duty of care by Tier 2 visa sponsorship to illegally use a settlement contract that included removal back to the USA (Houston). PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and my counsel LZW Solicitors / Landau Law actively deceived immigration services and data protection laws to avoid the English system of justice. SDK believes that several executives of PGS, Watson Farley & Williams, and my counsel LZW Solicitors / Landau Law, as well as other organizations have aided and abeted in this fraud which has damaged several industries and its professionals reputation and value.

Philip Simon Landau received a copy of the formal grievance which had been submitted and should have been easily recognized as legally protected public disclosure or whistleblowing. Nevertheless, Philip Simon Landau recommended to his USA-citizen Tier 2 visa sponsored client an “enhanced settlement termination contract” and not proceed through the legally prescribed grievance procedures. Settlement contracts that prohibit the publication of legally protected public disclosure – whistleblowing – through “gagging clauses” are not enforceable or are illegal under English law. Norwegian law similarly makes such contract terms illegal.

Philip Simon Landau had accepted bribes to conspire with criminals to defraud, defame and blacklist his client. PGS Exploration (UK) Limited used corrupt global law firm, Watson Farley & Williams, to gaslight and proceed through an illegal settlement contract negotion to avoid proceeding through the legal grievance process. Rhodri Thomas, with Watson Farley and Williams, was engaged to negotiate an illegal termination settlement contract on behalf of PGS. Philip Simon Landau and Rhodri Thomas without prejudice communications acknowledged that there was a grievance as well as the disputed performance issues. The intention of this fraud was to deny their sponsored foreign worker and victim of crimes legal due process prescribed under English law and contract.

Philip Simon Landau aid Holly Rushton (now Holly Hobson) was brought in to participate in the fraud and be a buffer to direct questions to Philip Simon Landau who avoided simple and direct responses. It must be understood that as a victim of illegal harassment and discrimination in the work place there was obviously a motivation to escape a toxic and health-harming environment. Also, SDK paid money to Philip Simon Landau for his legal professional services which are required for any settlement contract to be legally enforceable. Under Norway’s Working Environment Act, employee’s are required to report acts of harassment and discrimination. However, PGS Norway Global HR, Terje Bjølseth was allowed to break international laws with support from Legal General Counsel and Compliance officer, and current PGS CEO and President, Rune Olav Pedersen, and protect the wrong-doers by proffering an illegal contract instead.

The priority was to get their victim of crimes out of the reach of justice under English, Norwegian, USA, and Thai law as soon as possible. If the settlement contract is not legal, then multiple crimes were commited, from embezzlement, bribery, fraud, forgery, etc. The perpetrators have been able to perpetrate more crimes and escape accountability simply by uniting on a false narrative, remaining silent, and obstructing SDK from presenting evidence in a court of law. The criminals instead have engaged in social media censorship – teaming up to make sure the truth does not reach principled and competent officers of the law.

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