Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA, CGG and TGS Announce Versal

SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists Corruption

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Any business association with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is de facto corrupt. Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is destroying a once honorable upstream industry and its professionals.

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Versal is an independent, secure, cloud-based, multi-client seismic data ecosystem where clients can easily access all their data and entitlements in one place. As a result, E&P teams can now capitalize on their interpretation and analysis workflows for their subsurface projects by leveraging a seamless licensed data experience that takes minutes rather than days, enabling maximum efficiency and opportunity generation.

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[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen, President and CEO of PGS said: “We believe that energy companies’ workflows will be transformed with Versal, enabling them to achieve their goals through rapid access to secure cloud-based multi-client seismic data and entitlements. Versal has created an environment that will benefit both the consumers of seismic data and the data providers over the longer term. We are proud and excited by the launch of this successful industry-wide digitalization initiative.”

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[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen has never been held accountable for defending his own value and reputation, or that of the professionals who work under him. The Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA Board of Directors and senior executives do not abide by the laws, policy, Code of Conduct and Core Values that Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA publish for investors, customers, employees and business partners.

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This publication is only possible because Criminal Piece of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen is allowed to ignore contractual terms and conditions that prohibit the publication of content that disparages PGS ASA or its stakeholders. Why does lawyer and Criminal Peice of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen ignore terms and conditions intended to protect Company value and reputation?

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Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired] said: “Versal is unique in streamlining industry access to more than 70% of the seismic multi-client market through a vendor-neutral, cloud-based common ecosystem. We are pleased to work together with TGS and PGS to bring this needed service to the market and offer client teams an easier and more efficient way to access the data they need to identify new opportunities and optimize field performance.”

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Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired], said: “This landmark collaboration with CGG and PGS provides a foundation for our clients to universally view, access and build innovative subsurface workflows at the click of a button. Versal’s ability to improve decision-making with less uncertainty, underpins its initiative to provide the best customer service to our clients and future clients. I look forward to Versal’s evolution to increase data richness for users.”

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Whistleblower SDK has evidence that CGG and TGS have aided and abetted PGS ASA fraudsters and participated in the illegal professional blacklisting of whistleblowers who expose seismic industry corruption.

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Norway’s Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA and Mitsui Announce Collaboration

Corrupt and Dangerous are PGS ASA Real Core Values!

PGS ASA: Global Leader in Destroying Industry and Professional Credibility One Corrupt and Dangerous Collaboration at a Time!

PGS ASA Now Corrupting AI Solutions for Subsurface Structure Analysis

[Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Mitsui) to jointly develop and commercialize Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions to image subsurface structures.

Analysis of subsurface images is required across the energy sector including oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, as well as areas in the renewable energy sectors such as geothermal energy and offshore wind power.

Under this agreement, [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS will contribute seismic data from the Company’s global MultiClient data library along with technical expertise, whilst Mit-PFN Energy Co., Ltd. (“MPE”, a joint venture between Mitsui and Preferred Networks Inc.) will lead the AI algorithmic development to be constructed within a modern, scalable compute infrastructure. The collaboration aims to significantly reduce turnaround time needed to generate images of subsurface structures whilst improving accuracy. It is the intention to apply the developed technology into clean energy businesses, contributing to the global effort to reduce carbon emission.

Mr. Artem Lytkin, Vice President, New Energy Business Development of [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS, says:

“[Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS New Energy aims to accelerate the energy transition by helping energy companies to effectively deal with subsurface risks as they execute on their energy transition goals. [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS has a long tradition of serving the industry as a top-tier provider of high-quality geophysical measurements and interpretation services [corruption and money laundering]. We are pleased to announce our [corrupt] collaboration with Mitsui, a leading provider of digital solutions. Together we seek to develop and deploy artificial intelligence methods to further strengthen our data processing and interpretation workflows.”

Mr. Toru Matsui, Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Business Unit I of Mitsui says:

“We look forward to working together with [Corrupt and Dangerous] PGS to grow its business by combining our respective areas of expertise and leveraging synergies with Mitsui’s diverse business portfolio. This collaboration is aligned with one of Mitsui’s important goals to transform and grow its business model by engaging with DX projects to meet the rapidly changing needs of the times and contribute to the development of sustainable society through its main business activities.”


Magseis Fairfield Teams Up with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA

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Carel Hooijkaas, CEO of Magseis Fairfield, why would you do business with a company whose Board of Directors and Executives do not have an issue with publicly being called “criminal peices of shit” within numerous online publications?

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Hasn’t Hooijkaas heard of due diligence?

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The upstream oil and gas industry is being corrupted through stolen money and lies to investors and customers led by Norway’s PGS ASA. Industry leaders have abandoned their commitments to shareholders and continue the deception which damages the industry and its stakeholders.

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Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. The Norwegian government completely supports these crimes and the defrauding of investors. It’s a disgrace. These criminals have been given a free pass to defraud, defame and abuse a USA citizen’s children.

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Rune Olav Pedersen has never denied nor taken responsible and appropriate legal action to stop publications which impact PGS ASA value and reputation. Rune Olav Pedersen weaponizes global laws to damage US victims of crimes and a whistleblower.

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PGS ASA has misused US and Thai passports and cancelled visas so that their victim of crimes and whistleblower could not use legal due process. PGS ASA has shared defamatory forged documents globally to damage a US citizen victim of crimes and whistleblower. These all are violations of global human rights, US Federal wire and mail fraud and Thailand crimes.

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Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes against a US citizen and his family. The Norwegian government seems to completely support these crimes and the defrauding of investors as well. It’s a disgrace. Texas must investigate the Norwegian corporate racketeering that robs global citizens.

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Lawyers who formed the termination settlement contract between US citizen SDK and PGS ASA have never used nor defended this instrument to stop publications which disparage PGS ASA or any of its stakeholders. This includes the lawyers who were paid to “advise” US citizen SDK on matters of English contract and employment law, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson.

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SDK believes that Landau and Hobson accepted bribes to participate in a confidence fraud to illegally terminate and professionally blacklist their “client”. The contract is legally worthless and never used.

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PGS ASA and EAGE Amsterdam 2021

PINTEREST Q4 2021 Blog Listing

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Landau Law – London, Employment Law

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Q3 2021

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Landau Law Lies on TrustPilot

London Lawyer Philip Simon Landau, Director of Landau Law, will not even communicate with former client SDK before complaining to TrustPilot.

Would finding out that Landau Law will accept bribes and defraud a client influence a potential customers decision?

Landau Law should be able to address allegations of wrong-doing in a professional way. TrustPilot should not weigh in and remove honest, credible, albeit bad customer experiences.

rom:Steven Kalavity <>
to:Landau Law <[email protected]>,
Ryan Vullo <>
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ActionFraud <[email protected]>,
Alan Zeffertt <[email protected]>,
Andrew Weir <[email protected]>,
Carl Richards <[email protected]>,
GDPR <[email protected]>,
Holly Rushton <[email protected]>,
ICO Case-Work <[email protected]>,
Investor Relations – 01 Telenor <[email protected]>,
Investor Relations – 02 Telenor <[email protected]>,
Investor Relations Equinor <[email protected]>,
John Francas <[email protected]>,
Landau Law <[email protected]>,
Law Society UK Complaints <[email protected]>,
Minister of Transport Norway <[email protected]>,
Norway – Police <[email protected]>,
PHSO-01 ICO <[email protected]>,
PHSO-02 ICO <[email protected]>,
Rhodri Thomas <[email protected]>,
Tippaya Moonmanee <[email protected]>,
USA Consulate – Norway <[email protected]>
date:Oct 18, 2021, 9:41 AM
subject:Landau Law Defamation of Steven Kalavity (SDK) through flagging / submitting false claim / report to TrustPilot

Landau Law

Companies House Company Number 08876494

Saint Clare House

30-33 Minories



United Kingdom (UK)

RE:  Landau Law Defamation of Steven Kalavity (SDK) through flagging / submitting false claim / report to TrustPilot

        SDK Blog Listing

        2 October 2021 SDK Testimonial on Landau Law

        8 June 2019 SDK Testimonial on Landau Law

        NOPGS.COM Content October 2018

ATTN: Philip Simon Landau, Landau Law Director

Landau Law,

On 2 October 2021 Landau Law flagged a Trustpilot review written by SDK which related a truthful testimonial of a former client.  Landau Law stated that the testimonial contained illegal or harmful content.

TrustPilot:  Landau Law flagged this because it contains harmful or illegal content.

Landau Law does not specify what content published within the testimonial is harmful or illegal because there is no content within the published testimonial content which is untrue or illegal! Landau Law knows this.

Philip Simon Landau is an expert in UK employment law and drafting settlement contracts. Philip Simon Landau advised SDK on an employment termination settlement contract (the “Settlement”) processed under Watson Farley & Williams reference 49976848v5 which ended his employment with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY.

Landau Law is lying to TrustPilot and falsely accusing SDK of harmful and/or illegal behavior.  This is defamation.  It is also a breach in the Confidentiality terms and conditions of the Settlement: 

9.4 The Employee agrees neither to make nor publish, nor cause to be made or published, to anyone in any circumstances any statement (whether of fact, belief, or opinion) which directly or indirectly disparages, is harmful to or damages the reputation or standing of the Company [PGS Exploration (UK) Limited] or any Group Company or any Related Party.

9.6 Nothing in this Clause 9 shall prevent the Employee [SDK] from disclosing information which he is entitled to disclose under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, provided that the disclosure is made in accordance to the provisions of that Act and the Employee has complied with the Company’s policy from time to time regarding such disclosure.

9.7 In consideration for the obligations entered into by the Employee [SDK] in this Clause 9, the Company [PGS Exploration (UK) Limited] agrees to make reasonable efforts:

(a)    neither to make nor publish, no cause to be made or published, to anyone in any circumstances any statement (whether of fact, belief or opinion) which directly or indirectly disparages, is harmful to or damages the reputation or standing of the Employee (save as may be required by law or regulation), nor to represent the Employee as an authorized agent/employee or otherwise of the Company once his employment has ended; and

(b)    to keep the existence and terms of this Agreement [Settlement] and the circumstances giving rise to its making confidential and not to disclose, communicate or otherwise make public these terms to any third party save and except as required by law or regulation, or in confidence to its professional advisers.

Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998:

Workers are to be protected when the public disclosure consists of information where the worker reasonably believes that there has been a criminal offence, breach of a legal obligation, a miscarriage of justice, a danger to the health and safety of any individual, damage to the environment, or a deliberate attempt to conceal such acts.

43J Any provision in an agreement to which this section applies is void in so far as it purports to preclude the worker from making a protected disclosure.

The UK Limitation Act 1980:

The time limit for actions for defamation or malicious falsehood. The time limit under section 2 of this Act shall not apply to an action for (a)libel or slander, or (b)slander of title, slander of goods or other malicious falsehood, but no such action shall be brought after the expiration of one year from the date on which the cause of action occurred.

Landau Law is actively trying to deceive TrustPilot users.  Isn’t this exactly what TrustPilot should not allow?  TrustPilot testimonials should first and foremost be truthful and accurate.  If TrustPilot removes honest testimonials of a bad customer experience with a business, then there is no point to TrustPilot.  Perhaps TrustPilot users would shy away from businesses who accept bribes to defraud their clients. 

Landau Law had never even contacted SDK prior to complaining directly to TrustPilot.  This silence and lack of engagement is what infuriates SDK the most.  It is unprofessional, to say the least.  When voicing grievances, the system encourages parties to work it out between themselves before involving a third-party.  Landau Law has both the email used by SDK to register on TrustPilot as well as the email used when SDK actually was a client of Principal Philip Simon Landau.  Both are checked regularly.

Let’s start with the title and lead of the recent SDK Landau Law testimonial: Philip Landau is an accused criminal.  In fact, SDK has accused Philip Simon Landau of being a criminal within several online published blog articles.  The first article that actually named the accused in the article title, My Philip Landau and Watson, Farley & Williams (WFW) London Solicitors Testimonial was first published on website on 8 November 2016 and then updated/revised on 9 April 2017.  Watson Farley & Williams represented SDKs former employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited.  Thus, a clear breach of the Settlement that Philip Simon Landau advised on. 

SDKs central claim is that Philip Simon Landau and his assistant Holly Hobson (formally Holly Rushton), as paid legal advisors to SDK, accepted bribes and conspired to deceive client SDK into signing an illegal Settlement supported by uttered forged and defamatory personnel file records to defame (blacklist from work in the industry) and defraud client SDK.  These are crimes.  The article and allegations made within it are legally and contractually protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing.  The article and allegations are not a breach of any legal Settlement under the laws of England, where Philip Simon Landau and Holly Hobson are licensed to practice employment law.

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Watson Farley & Williams, and Philip Simon Landau and Holly Hobson never cited the article as a breach of the Settlement or defamatory within the one-year period that the UK Limitation Act 1980 allows since the Settlement is governed by the laws of England.

SDK published, The Crimes of @Philiplandau and #London #EmploymentLaw #Solicitor and Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen on 30 December 2017.  The links to the article along with image files were shared on the Twitter social media platform.  Landau did not complain directly but blocked his former client’s tweets.  Philip Simon Landau was clearly aware of the content of the linked publications which has never differed much from other articles.

In September 2018, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and (former) Company Secretary, Carl Richards, filed two claims against SDK citing Thailand law for criminal defamation.  There had never been a cited breach in the Settlement.  The claims reference only statements from My Philip Landau and Watson, Farley & Williams (WFW) London Solicitors Testimonial which was published over a year before that the Limitation Act 1980 dictates.  The publication of these claims is also a breach of Clause 9.7 in the Settlement.  SDK considered the Thai claims delivered by Thai law firm, Duensing – Kippen to be illegal blackmail / extortion to silence the truth. 

During the legal process of dealing with the PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and (former) Company Secretary, Carl Richards was stolen and evidence – posted blog articles and image, files – were destroyed.  The Settlement was never employed, but rather intentionally averted.

The entire point of a Settlement is to constrain parties from taking actions which are not prescribed by its terms and conditions.  PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and (former) Company Secretary, Carl Richards, Watson Farley & Williams, along with Philip Simon Landau and Holly Hobson have breached the Settlement.  SDK believes that this is because the Settlement is not a legal instrument, but rather an illegal device employed through criminal conspiracy to defraud, defame, and blacklist a whistleblower.

If SDK is wrong, the test is to use the avenues of redress prescribed within the Settlement and not complain to a third-party, such as TrustPilot. 

TrustPilot needs to demand that Landau Law employ the Settlement to de-publish unfavorable testimonials.  If TrustPilot does not do this, then they are propagating false and untrustworthy reviews.




Let’s Send PGS ASA Retired John Barnard to Prison

Backstabber & criminal John Barnard broke multiple international laws to aid and abet criminals in harming co-worker SDK and his family.

Liar and fraudster John Barnard agreed to accompany SDK through the grievance process. John Barnard accepted bribes and instead participated in the confidence fraud of a crime victim and foreign worker whistleblower.

Stupid cocksucker John Barnard also participated in defrauding multiple global government agencies, including data protection and immigration. John Barnard did not just defraud SDK, but every family member which was under the contractual duty of care of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY.

Barnard’s cowardly silence and violence against me and my family must be punished. Help me put this workplace harasser, fraudster, abuser and peice of shit in prison. If anyone had done this to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY you would demand justice too! Barnard is a pathetic peice of shit and his children, grandchildren, former co-workers, etc. should know this.


Let’s Send PGS ASA Joshua May to Prison

Joshua May participated in the confidence fraud and other criminal acts with the intention to harm his co-worker and USA citizen SDK and his family. Joshua May was rewarded for assisting in these acts. Any parent who was a target of such crimes and abuse would agree that the perpetrator belongs in prison. Joshua May must also know that he belongs in prison.

Edward von Abendorff was the first-line supervisor for the PGS ASA Contract Sales – Africa group which was comprised of John Barnard, Joshua May, and SDK. Every employee of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited signed a copy of the PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook which outlined policy on bullying, harassment, and discrimination. The PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook also documented grievance and disciplinary procedures. All formed part of the contract of employment along with a pledge to uphold PGS Core Values and Code of Conduct.

From 18 June 2013 through 20 September 2013, PGS actively breached SDKs employment contract and obstructed his legal and contractual right to submit a workplace grievance. On 20 September 2013, SDK presented his grievance to PGS management. Co-worker John Barnard agreed to be SDKs witness throughout the grievance process and was provided a copy of the workplace grievance.

The grievance was legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing. Barnard was made aware that PGS had illegally proffered a termination settlement contract to stop the legal grievance process. SDK engaged London employment law solicitor Philip Landau to advise through the grievance process. Landau recommended that SDK not following the described grievance procedures and instead pursue an “enhanced” termination settlement contract. Under the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, such a settlement contract is illegal.

SDK needed to escape the toxic work environment and agreed to Landau’s recommendations. For the next few weeks, Landau “negotiated” the illegal termination settlement agreement terms and conditions. During this period, Joshua May was made aware that SDK had submitted a workplace grievance. Both John Barnard and Joshua May became complicit conspirators in the confidence fraud which financially robbed SDK, professionally defamed SDK, and most importantly placed the health of SDK and his family at risk.

John Barnard and Joshua May both were bribed to participate along with bribed solicitors/advisors to SDK, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (previously Rushton). Landau led the confidence fraud game that defrauded his client and target/victim of discrimination and harassment. The cabal also defrauded data protection agencies as well as immigration agencies in the UK, USA, and Thailand.

PGS, Landau Law, and Watson Farley & Williams confidence fraud was discovered when SDK submitted a subject access request citing the UK Data Protection Act. SDK received the contents of his PGS professional personnel file and discovered that it was comprised of defamatory forgeries. A legally protected public disclosure was published 20 September 2015 showing the inaccurate and defamatory documents.

PGS, Landau Law and Watson Farley & Williams have continued to defraud and harass SDK through no explaining the many problems with the personnel file documents. All know they have participated in crimes against SDK.

Joshua May has never once proclaimed his innocence from accusations but relied on the criminal conspiracy of silence to protect him. Joshua May is a pathetic coward with no integrity who hurts people for no reason. Let’s put Joshua May where criminals like him belong!


Trustpilot Review: Landau Law Uncensored

Trustpilot does not understand whistleblowing laws and flags/removes legally protected public disclosure which makes their reviews less trustworthy and protects corruption.

Trustpilot (26 September 2021): Landau Law flagged this because they believe it contains harmful or illegal content. Trustpilot is assessing the review in accordance with our flagging process, during which time the review will remain hidden.

Philip Landau is an accused criminal…

Philip Landau – Landau Law has defamed former client, Steven Kalavity (SDK)

Landau Law is lying and perverting the course of justice, which is a serious crime in of itself. Philip Landau was the principal employment lawyer who advised SDK on resolving a workplace grievance through a termination settlement agreement which contained confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibit the publication of “harmful and illegal” content and provides avenues for legal redress. The fact that Landau does not rely on his own contract should be known by the Truthpilot community.

Landau and his assistant at the time, Holly Rushton (now Holly Hobson practicing with BDBF), were principals in the confidence fraud of their client, SDK. Landau and Hobson provided illegal advice. A settlement contract should have never been considered since the grievance qualified as protected public disclosure or whistleblowing. Landau and Rushton also assisted in uttering forged documents – also crimes – to support the illegal termination settlement contract they advised on. This is why Landau Law complains to Trustpilot and does not rely on principal Landau’s advised on contract. The fraud would be easy to detect in a court of law.




SDK published accusations of Philip Landau and Holly Hobson crimes in 2016. SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and their advising counsel on the termination settlement contract, Watson Farley & Williams have never relied on the Landau-Hobson advised on contract’s terms and conditions to stop publications which began July 2015 on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. As co-conspirators in the fraud, Watson Farley & Williams also understand that the contract that they formed with SDK is illegal. Like the lies to Trustpilot, the conspirators lied to LinkedIn and got content depublished and SDK restricted from LinkedIn. PGS, Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Law continue to misrepresent (fraud) the legality of their SDK termination settlement contract.

Landau and Hobson


Stop Norway’s PGS ASA Lying and Cheating








PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law / LZW Law agents are allowed by upper management to remain silent and not address accusations of criminal and non-compliant behaviors? This is disgusting and obviously irresponsible.

Behind every PGS ASA perceived “legitimate” business endeavor or technology development is the fact that PGS ASA Directors and Management are corrupt pathological liars who intentionally deceive all stakeholders about company value and especially comittments to anti-corruption and health and safety.

The major stakeholders of PGS ASA, including customers, investors, and employees look the other way from the corruption. These top stakeholders benefit from the graft and greed that robs the average stakeholders. This is the very definition of corruption.


Corrupt and Dangerous PGS has 3D Data in Angola

Corrupt and Dangerous PGS 2021 Offshore Licensing Round Data Covers Kwanza Shelf and Lower Congo Basin

Corrupt and Dangerous PGS data library coverage:

  • Blocks 7/21 and 8/21 on Kwanza Shelf from 3D dual sensor
  • Block 16/21 in the Lower Congo Basin from 3D dual sensor
  • Block 34/21 Lower Congo Basin covered by conventional 3D data
  • MegaSurvey | Regional coverage of 45 000 sq. km with information on thickness trends, structural setting, depositional environments, and play fairways (includes blocks 31/21, 32/21, 33/21)